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Denmark, officially known as the Kingdom of Denmark, is one of the biggest countries in the world. Though English is a common language that people speak, the official language of the land is Danish. The education system here is modest and future-oriented. If you are searching for Study in Denmark Education Consultants in Kochi Kerala, this article will help you.

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Why Edabroad is the Best Denmark Educational Consultants in Kochi?

Edabroad Kochi is the leading Denmark Study Abroad Consultants based in Ernakulam, and we have cordial relation with several universities in Denmark. Edabroad Kochi also helps students applying for a Study visa to Denmark. Our expert student councillors help prepare the necessary documents required for the Student visa application and make your dream of study in Denmark a hassle-free experience.

What Makes Denmark One of the Best Places to Study Abroad?


There is a smooth way of completing one’s education in Denmark since the students are assisted through a buddy system. It is that system whereby other student chaperones assist the applicant. Most of all, the Government and education systems take good care of students who study in France. In short, it is one of the most responsible countries to pursue your higher education. 

Top Universities to Choose in Denmark

Some of the top universities to choose amongst in Denmark for your study abroad are as follows:

Technical University of Denmark
Gaining the recognition of being the oldest University in Denmark, this institution started functioning way back in 1892. As the name suggests, it is the best place for students who showcase interest in academics, technical learning, and natural sciences. This University aims to generate the best entrepreneurs and environmental activists/ nature-lovers. DTU also partners with more than 100 universities in the world every year and conducts exchange, educational, and research programs systematically.

Aarhus University
Aarhus University derives its name from being situated beside the river Aarhus. This University came into being in 1928, offering undergraduate and post-graduation programs. Some of the most demanding courses that students opt for here are arts, natural sciences, technical sciences, health, and business studies. The campus of this University, unlike the others, is captivating, vibrant, and pleasant. Furthermore, student life and welfare are guaranteed through student unions, open at all times. 

University of Copenhagen
Being a public university, the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) is also the second oldest University in Denmark, founded in 1479. It operates on four campuses- North Campus, City Campus, South Campus, and Frederiksberg campus. This University coordinates with ten other universities globally, helping students achieve their dream jobs as they complete their education. Another interesting fact about this University is that it offers housing for all its international students and guest lecturers.

Dania Academy, University of Applied Science
Known for its branches of science education, Dania Academy offers higher education through its campuses all across Denmark. It owns eight campuses across the country and provides the best education to part-time students. It began its operation in 2009 and offers almost 23 courses in English. The University also provides its students with career counseling which helps them excel in their career.

Aalborg University
Aalborg University gains popularity amongst the others worldwide for the science and technology education it imparts. Some of the significant subjects that students opt for here are humanities, social sciences, information technology, medicine, exact sciences, engineering, and designing. Established in 1961, about 20,000 students pass out of this University every year. It is also one of the fastest academically progressing universities in Denmark

The Best Courses to Study in Denmark

Below given are some of the best courses to choose while studying in Denmark:

Business Management
Many entrepreneurs seem to have a downfall in their business due to their improper base. Doing a business management course in Denmark is worth the time on a global scale. It helps the students manage the concepts of accounts and finance and helps them build business strategies. Moreover, business management helps aspirants build on their internal and external relations and become a part of the private sector. Some also become a part of notable business firms.

One of the main perks of becoming an engineering graduate from Denmark is becoming a part of many famous R&D firms. Furthermore, it helps the applicants resolve practical issues with interdisciplinary collaboration. The course also imparts lots of inputs on allied fields of engineering such as thermodynamics, robotics, energy storage, and conversions. Looking at the concepts in a broader view, some of the prospective careers hold more demand shortly.

Denmark is also one of the thriving places for the IT sector because it is home to many MNCs. The field also generates the highest income of all other professions every year. In addition to this, cybersecurity in Denmark is the strongest when compared to other nations. Also, it is one country that makes technological education at a very young age, thereby creating a solid base for young professionals.

Hospitality is one of those sectors that require analytical knowledge, assessment abilities, and timely response. It focuses on aspects of employee development, business operations, and value creation to the applicants. This course aims to bring about personal and professional upliftment amongst the future employees. Moreover, collaborating with the counsellor helps you attain your job quicker.

Environmental Science
A fruitful course for nature-lovers, environmental science is also a demanding course to do in Denmark. It may also require the students to do some basic research on environmental ethics, risk management, decision making, and politics. The course throws light on the present and future environmental issues and makes students capable of finding amicable solutions. The prospective careers that one may find in this field are as environment consultants or town planners.

Best Scholarships to Grab in Denmark
Below given are some of the best scholarships to grab in Denmark:

IT University of Copenhagen Scholarships 
This scholarship is open to all MSc Programs at the IT University of Copenhagen. However, there is an exception for European students on the application of this scholarship. Also, there are only 3-4 scholarships available every year, and it is open to all EU/EEA students at the discretion of authorities. The benefit of this scholarship is that the applicant gets free tuition and partial coverage of living expenses.

University of Southern Denmark Scholarships (SDU)
These scholarships supported by the Danish government are open to only certain students who belong to the non-EU/ EEA category. The universities choose their candidates based on their qualifications, with requisite documents submitted before the deadline. As a result, the applicant is supported by a PhD fellowship for three years with a salary of DKK 3000 every month.

Masters Advanced Development Work (Erasmus Mundus)
These scholarships aim in providing financial support to student social workers who face vulnerabilities and uncertainties. It applies to students from Denmark, France, Portugal, and the UK. The applicants must produce supporting documents of diplomas, required course certificates, and personal proofs in English. The benefits that applicants derive from these scholarships are contributions to travel, visa, and other costs, insurance, and a monthly stipend of 1000 DKK per month.

Denmark Embassy in India- Address
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Phone Number:  +91 11 42090700
Website: https://indien.um.dk/


Denmark is also considered the safest country to travel to and pursue higher education. The city gives access to unlimited ways of public transportation, available throughout the day. Students may also get vehicles rented at a nominal cost for intercity travel. Opting for a Danish university makes one’s career and future take a U-turn, paving the way to many exciting and well-paid jobs. If you are looking for Denmark Study Abroad Consultants in Kochi, Ernakulam, Calicut then kindly contact us.

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