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Are you looking for a leading Study in Poland Visa Consultants in Kochi? As the trusted Poland Education Consultants in Kerala, Edabraod Kochi Provides Poland Student Visa Guidance, Documentation for admission, assistance for Education loans, and other assistance.

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Essential Information to Know Before Your Study in Poland

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Poland is one of the countries that offer qualitative and affordable education to its students. Apart from the outstanding teaching facilities, it also offers an array of employment choices post-studies. The reason for a hike in the number of educational institutions and students in Poland is the educational reforms of 1990. Since then, the country is in a race to reach the forefront of countries promoting higher education. 

The city is also a mixed pot of many cultures, making it easier for the students to settle down. Also, no matter the budget, there are plenty of programs worth it, which they enjoy. Even the employment opportunities in the country are vast and countless. Life in Poland is lively, where the city’s liveliness can be experienced in all its parts.

Best Universities to Choose Amongst While Studying in Poland

Some of the best universities to plan your courses in Poland are as given below:

Warsaw University of Technology
Warsaw University of Technology is one of the most prominent universities in Poland. This educational institution came into being in 1826 to expand on different technological processes. Almost 5000 students pursue the courses of their choice from this University every year. The WUT University also consists of a panel for career service (CS) and advice, extending its assistance during campus placements. It is one of the best centres which provides a balance of education, and extracurricular activities, relieving the students from the burden of education.

Poznan University of Technology
Also known as one of the top technical universities in Poland, Poznan University is also ranked amongst 6% of the world’s best ones. Founded in 1955, it is a self-governing institution that offers courses in both English and Polish languages. Apart from providing education, students also promote social services by associating with several welfare organizations. The campus stays lively through the radio stations, periodicals, and programs run by the students. The Poznan University of Technology is also known for producing some eminent leaders and social activists.

Wroclaw University of Technology
Founded in 1945, this is one of the most beautiful universities in the world. This institution works by providing equal importance to research, education, students’ affairs, technology, and general affairs. One of the most significant features of this University is that it encourages its students to interact with the environment and achieve mental peace. Almost 25,000 students for opt this University for their higher studies and opt amongst the 60 different fields of study. Also, the Wroclaw University of Technology ranks among the top 3 universities in Poland.

Gdansk University of Technology
This is also one of the oldest universities in Poland and is still famous for its education. Founded in 1904, it has become the best that offers technology allied courses to its students and is a modern university today. In 2019, it was listed amongst the best universities in Poland for the kind of service it offers to its students. For its rich traditional and academic background, the number of students who opt to study here grows year by year. The University is also recognized as the most ancient and resourceful library in Poland.

Bialystok University of Technology
Unlike the others, the Bialystok University of Technology is one of Poland’s most prestigious technical universities. Founded in 1941, it was only allowed to provide day-time education to its students. The top courses that students opt for are logistics, management, mechanical engineering, political science, and tourism. The University also provides several other basic and advanced courses according to the choices of students.

Top Courses to do in Poland

The following are some of the best courses to do in Poland:

Poland is said to produce the most number of graduates for engineering jobs to reputed organizations. Warsaw University is one of the best places that offer its graduates their dream jobs with a handsome salary. Also, the alumnus of popular colleges in Poland has already set a benchmark for the courses they opted for through their performance. Moreover, with a bright future lead by Artificial Intelligence and Big data, this stream promises the best placements.

Doing a course in medicine from Poland is one of the best ways to gain world-class acceptance. One of the primary reasons is that the facilities provided in medical fields in Poland are matchless. Also, Polish universities cooperate with the other universities in the world and provide the best chances of learning through experience. Above all, the costs incurred for an aspirant to do their dream course in medicine are nominal and affordable in Poland.

Unlike other professions, the hospitality sector focuses on the enhancement of social life and relationships. Pursuing a course in hospitality management not only helps in finding jobs with safety but also with satisfaction. In addition, it helps students enhance their soft skills, which is something that recruiters always look forward to before placing them. In the long run, it helps one in establishing their contacts in an awe-inspiring manner.

Business Management
The prime reason to choose business management in Poland is that it is the most affordable. Also, it teaches the young entrepreneurs about the basics and etiquette to follow while involving in businesses. Through this, the students receive more knowledge on how the industry works and how to remain the best in the market. Business management courses also allow the students to interact with business professionals and attain their guidance for the future.

This is a course that is a mix of recreation, sports, hospitality, business management, and catering. It aims to improve students’ linguistic skills and prepare them to establish their businesses on international levels. In addition to this, it prepares the applicants for meetings, conferences, summits, and other gatherings and productively contributes towards the same.

Best-in-Class Scholarships offered in Poland.

If you need scholarship-related information, contact EDABROAD, the top Poland study abroad consultants in Kerala.

British Council-IELTS Award, 2021
This scholarship aims in encouraging students in their academics and help them contribute to society in some way or the other. It awards the winners with the eligibility to do their post-graduation or even higher studies anywhere around the world. The eligibility criteria for this award are a test report form in IELTS with the requisite cut-off. Also, the applicants must submit their forms online before June 10, 2021.

SIT Zero Fees English Scholarship
The SIT Zero Fees English Scholarship derives its name since being provided by the Southern Institute of Technology. It provides the students with an opportunity to enhance their speaking skills in English. The eligible applicants must enrol themselves in a 26-week scholarship programme in English. The admissions are confirmed only with an advance payment of NZ$ 5000. The last date to apply for this scholarship is May 17, 2021.

Banting International Post-Doctoral Fellowships, 2021
These fellowships aim to support doctors who have pursued fellowships in health research, natural sciences, engineering, or social sciences. What makes the applicants eligible for them is the priority of being Canadian citizens primarily. They must also hold PR (Permanent Residence) in Canada. These applicants may also be foreign citizens with valid documents and proof. This fellowship costs $70000 every year and lasts for two years. Visit Poland Embassy Website for or more information 

Poland Embassy in India Address:
50-M, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, Distrcit. New Delhi, Pin code:  110002.
Phone: 91 11  4149 6900

Students can enjoy life in Poland only if they get to know the surroundings and make the most weekends. Doing so helps them view the best sights of the most beautiful destinations and understand the local culture of Poland. All this ensures that student life in Poland is a well-planned and enjoyable one. If you require the assistance of a Study in Poland Student Visa Consultants in Kerala, then contact us for details. We provide Consultancy and Poland Study Visa services in Kochi Ernakulam and other cities in Kerala.

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