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Are you searching for free MS PG Courses in Germany Consultants in Kerala? You will get all the facts you need in this post. Learn about universities in Germany for Indian students, PG and MS admission requirements for free education in public universities, language requirements, cost, tuition fee, semester fee, job opportunities after graduation etc.

Introduction to Studying MS /PG in Germany from India

Germany is an attractive choice for Indian students seeking a Master’s degree. It has highly esteemed public universities and low tuition fees, so it’s not a shock that many students contemplate studying MS in Germany from India.

To study MS in Germany, Indian students must meet the following criteria:


  • Have a Bachelor’s degree in a connected field
  • Show evidence of English or German language proficiency
  • Have a valid passport and student visa

Once enrolled in a Master’s program at a German university, foreign students can work part-time to finance themselves.

After studying MS in Germany, job prospects are outstanding, with plentiful chances for skilled graduates in engineering and technology.

Pursuing MS in Germany from India can be a highly beneficial experience for students looking to gain a good education, strengthen their language and cultural knowledge, and create a global network to aid their future careers.

Benefits of Studying at Public Universities in Germany

Studying at public universities in Germany is a great option for international students, esp. from India. Requirements are simple: Bachelor’s, language proficiency in German/English, and funds to support themselves.  After completing a Master’s degree, an 18-month residence permit is available for job-seeking.

Furthermore, Germany provides exposure to a diverse culture, excellent research facilities, high-quality education, and globally recognized qualifications. Pro tip: Research the right program that fits your career aspirations before applying.


For Indian student wishing to study PG or MS in Germany, There are certain requirements to keep in mind.

Academic Qualifications: You’ll need a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field with minimum 65% in engineering subjects for MS in Germany and 55% in Arts subjects for PG in Germany Plus, proficiency in English or German.

German Language: Programs in Germany are taught in German, so you’ll need language proficiency.

Prove Financial Stability: As an international student, you must show that you have enough money for tuition and living costs. for more details, contact any PG Courses in Germany consultants in Kerala.

Percentage of Marks Required for PG in Germany in Humanities
Minimum 55 % and above in Graduation

Percentage of Marks Required for MS in Engineering  in Germany 
65 % and above in Graduation

IELTS Requirements for PG & MS
Minimum Score- 5.5  in IELTS 

APS Certificate Authentication Check.
From the winter 2023 intake, students’ educational certificates should be verified to prove the authenticity of the certificates. The certificate authentification can be done online through the 
Academic Evaluation Center (APS) website. 

You can also contact us or any Consultants in Kerala for PG admission in Germany for APS verification guidance. 


Germany has part-time job openings for students who want to study and earn money. Students can work part-time for up to 120 full days or 240 half-days per year with a student visa.

Part-time Jobs: Indian students can work part-time for up to 120 full days or 240 half days a year.

Job Prospects: An MS degree from a public university in Germany provides access to job opportunities in Germany and the EU. For example, Engineering, IT, and Sciences are in high demand.

Tip: Reach out to German student associations in India and Germany to learn more about the application process and requirements.


Language Tutor: If you are good in English or any other language, you can become a tutor in that subject.

Retail Sales: Retailers in Germany often offer part-time jobs for students, especially during holidays like Christmas.

Food Services: Restaurants, cafes, and food delivery services usually hire students for part-time jobs, especially when busy.

Internships: These are great experiences for students to gain practical knowledge and work on real-world tasks.

After studying in Germany, you have good chance of getting a job.

Students should always ask their university or student services for job opportunities on campus.


Studying MS in Germany from India is a great option due to the many job prospects available. Here are the key things to consider:

Public Universities:       Public universities are a great option due to the low tuition fees. However, admission can be tough and require good academic grades and language skills.

Part-time Jobs:    International students can work up to 20 hours per week.

Job Prospects After Study:    Germany is a great place for skilled professionals, especially in STEM. International students are allowed to extend their stay to search for job opportunities. Some may also qualify for a job-seeking visa.

Pro tip: Research the prerequisites for the program and institution you want to join before applying. Also, start exploring job opportunities early to maximize your chances. If you need assistance for studying MS /PG in Germany free at public universities , contact Edabroad , the top consultancy in Kerala for PG in Germany in Kerala.


Germany is an amazing choice for Indian students wanting their Master’s degree. It provides top-notch education at an affordable cost compared to other countries. Studying MS in Germany from India is much cheaper than in the USA, the UK, or Canada.

Public universities in Germany offer free education, with just a few hundred Euros( 150 to 350 EUR) each semester for admin and other student services

An MS in Germany is a great investment for any Indian student wanting an exciting career opportunity in Germany or other countries. Pro Tip: Get your application ready early.

Student Visa Requirements for Studying PG Courses in Germany

Some student visa requirements must be met to study MS in Germany from India. Here are the must-haves:

  • Enroll in a recognized public university and get a conditional offer letter.
  • Show proof of funds to cover living costs.
  • Provide evidence of German health insurance.
  • Submit documents with academic background details, including certifications and transcripts.
  • Have a valid passport.
  • Prove proficiency in German or English, depending on program needs.
  • Part-time work is allowed during studies and full-time work during vacations.
  • Job prospects after MS are great in Germany since they need skilled professionals in many sectors.

Note: As the competition for free MS programs Germany is high, plan well in advance for admission, visa, and scholarships to have a smooth journey.

TOP 10 Universities for MS in Engineering in Germany

According to the QS World University Rankings by Subject the top 10 universities for mechanical engineering in Germany are below. In the below list RWTH and TUM are listed among the top 20 universities in the world in 2022.

·       Technical University of Munich (TUM)

·        RWTH Aachen University

·        Technical University of Berlin

·        Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

·        University of Stuttgart

·        University of Duisburg-Essen

·        University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

·        University of Freiburg

·        University of Hannover

·        University of Magdeburg

Top 10 Universities for PG Programs in Germany

1.    Humboldt University of Berlin

2.    Freie Universität Berlin

3.    Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

4.    University of Bonn

5.    University of Heidelberg

6.    University of Göttingen

7.    University of Tübingen

8.    University of Cologne

9.    University of Konstanz

10.                       University of Bamberg. 


One of the many advantages of studying in Germany is that students get a Post-Study Work Permit after completing their Master’s program. This PSW permit allows them to search for work in Germany for up to 1.5 years after graduation. Students can gain valuable work experience during this period and boost their career prospects by finding a suitable job in Germany. The Post-Study Work Permit in Germany after the MS program is an excellent way for students to utilize the knowledge and skills gained through their education and embark on a successful career in Germany.


Studying MS in Germany is a great chance for Indian students to get a top-notch education, meet different cultures, and have great job prospects. The below tips will help make your MS program in Germany less complicated.

  • Choose Public Universities: German public universities have a great standing and are inexpensive. Pick a university that offers your desired course and has a good track record.
  • Meet the Requirements: Make sure you meet the requirements for your course. This could involve passing exams like GRE or TOEFL, so get ready.
  • Part-time jobs: You can work 120 full days or 240 half days as an Indian student. Seek part-time jobs to support yourself financially and get practical experience.
  • Job Prospects: After receiving your MS, you can apply for an 18-month work visa for job search in Germany.. Network, learn German, and tailor your application to German companies.

These tips will help you have a great study experience in Germany.


  1. Can Indian students study MS in Germany?
    Yes, Indian students can study MS in Germany. German universities welcome international students, including those from India. For information about the German student visa requirements for Indian applicants check the visa service section of Germany embassy website for India.
  1. Can international students study at public universities in Germany?
    Yes, international students can study at public universities in Germany, including those who are pursuing an MS degree.

  2. What are the requirements to study PG in Germany?
    The requirements to study MS or PG in Germany vary from university to university. Generally, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field, have proficiency in English or German and have enough funds to support your stay in Germany. You also need to complete the  APS certificate verification, show the proof of language proficiency (usually German or English), and have the necessary financial resources to support yourself during your studies.
  1. Can foreign students who are studying in Germany also work part-time?
    Yes, foreign students may work part-time while attending classes in Germany. As of 2023, the maximum number of hours permitted for part-time jobs is 120 full days or 240 half days.

  2. What are the job prospects for international students after completing an MS degree in Germany?
    Given the country’s thriving industry and economy, graduates from MS courses in Germany have excellent job prospects. Many international students find work in Germany after completing their degrees, especially those who have learned German.

  3. How can students apply for an MS program in Germany?
    Students can apply for an MS program in Germany directly through the university or a centralized admissions portal such as Uni-Assist. Applications typically require transcripts, language test scores, recommendation letters and a statement of purpose. If you are looking for a consultancy for studying PG and MS in Germany in Ernakulam, Thrissur, Kottayam, Malappuram, Angamaly, Kottayam, Trivandrum, Kollam and cities in Kerala please contact us for assistance.
Final Words: 

Studying for a postgraduate or master’s degree in Germany can be expensive. But there are ways to help you study for free at public universities in Germany. Being the top Consultants in Kerala for studying MS and PG in Germany, We are here to provide information about the free German PG programs and MS in Engineering and help you get admission at the government-aided public universities in Germany that do not charge tuition fees. For assistance with PG and MS admission in German Public Universities, send your enquiry now
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