Malta Student Visa Consultants in Kerala

Malta Student Visa Consultants in Kerala

For many students who intend to further their education and further their career by learning English for personal use, a good study in Malta with part-time jobs makes a perfect choice. As one of the leading Malta Student Visa Consultants in Kerala, We can help you get admission to your chosen educational institutions in Malta to fulfill your dream.


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Why Study in Malta?

Malta is an island nation situated in the Mediterranean with a population of fewer than 5 million people. The capital city of Malta has a mix of both European and Maltese cultures, with some of the oldest buildings in Europe still standing from the Norman conquest era.

If you want to study in Malta, you can definitely choose among the best colleges and universities. It is a safe destination for students interested in higher studies and part- time jobs. This is the second-largest island after Cyprus and boasts of a rich natural and historical heritage. The study abroad Malta program offered by ED Abroad is an excellent opportunity for students to explore Malta’s diverse culture, beautiful beaches, and fascinating history.

Malta Student Visa Consultants in Kerala

This destination is considered a safe haven for students wishing to obtain their degrees without securing a study visa. Students will get the same level of support as they do in their home country. There are numerous academic programs that you can choose from, and each course has its own set of standards and requirements. However, you may still be able to apply for study permits even if you are from outside the European Union. This is possible through a study visa approved by the Malta government.

Part-Time Jobs during Study

Malta offers a lot of part-time job openings for students from India and other English speaking countries. Many students pursue a Bachelor’s degree while working full-time jobs during the off-season to fund their overseas education. Employers often prefer to hire these students as they often have excellent attendance records and excellent communication skills. Full-time education programs for international students require them to attend the University of Malta for a full four-year term, beginning in January of each year.


Full-Time Jobs during Holidays

There are many full-time jobs in Malta for students interested in the Arts & Humanities, Business, Health and Social Sciences, Engineering and Computing, and the Social Sciences. International students will be happy to know that there is a strong job market for these positions, with health care sectors constantly employing expatriates from Asian countries like India.

There are also several opportunities for higher education students, as there are several universities in Malta specializing in specific areas of study, including Education, Medicine,Law and Business


Universities in Malta

Several Universities and other educational institutions in Malta are highly respected and provide various educational courses in the graduate, postgraduate, and research levels. Prominent Universities are the University of Malta,) Malta College of Arts, Science, and Technology, St. London School of Commerce, United Campus of Malta, Birkirkara. Zerah Business School Floriana etc.

Most of the Universities in Malta offer courses that span several disciplines, including Education, Medicine, Law, and Business Management. Students can participate in work experience, internship programs, and internships while enrolled in any of the various degrees they offer. 


  • Diploma in Animation
  • Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Diploma in Graphic Design
  • Degree in Digital Innovation
  • Degree in Digital Finance
  • Degree in Arts
  • Degree in Tourism
  • Degree in IT
  • Degree in Business Management Etc…
  • Masters in IT
  •  Masters in Business Management
  •  Masters in Digital Technology
  • Masters in Tourism etc
  • Ph.D. in IT
  • Ph.D. in Business Management Etc
  • PhD in Architecture
  • PhD in Culture Etc…..
Admission Process

The different universities in Malta offer different forms of higher education. You can pick the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Each university offers various degrees in different categories such as arts, commerce, medicine, humanities, social sciences, etc. Most of these universities also offer professional programs which you can enroll into. These professional degree programs are helpful when you wish to further your education or apply for jobs in different fields.


Application Process

This is a relatively new process that was only introduced in 2021. Students will only need to apply for a study visa once they have graduated from high school or college. The Malta government-approved study visa system is one reason why Malta has become a leading tourist destination not only for EU students but also for international students.

Scholarships & Grants

Malta is a relatively wealthy country. Therefore, many financial aids can help students financially when pursuing higher education in Malta. If you wish to study abroad, you must apply for a study visa beforehand. It would help if you also looked out for Scholarships, which will offer you more money in exchange for your studies.

The universities in Malta offer several scholarships. It would be best to look out for the ones that offer money in return for a study grant. There are some student grants which do not have to be paid back. These are typically given to students from low-income families. For more information on these grants, you can contact ED Abroad, the trusted Malta student visa consultant in Kerala.

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Conclusion: We hope this article on Malta student visa consultants in Kerala has helped you. If you require any assistance for a Malta Study visa from Kochi Ernakulam, please contact ED Abroad Kochi.

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