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study in slovenia consultants Kochi

Slovenia is one place that gives a lot of importance to providing and receiving a quality education and equivalent opportunities. Also, it is one destination that is the hub of scientific and research institutions that become students’ choices worldwide. The primary reason which makes study in Slovenia worthwhile is the mobility opportunities that students receive. Also, the quality of education that institutions in Slovenia offer is far better than the other countries.  If you are searching study in Slovenia Education Consultants in Kochi Ernakulam in Kerala then you are in the right place.

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study in slovenia consultants Kochi

Why Study in Slovenia?

The primary reason which makes study in Slovenia worthwhile is the mobility opportunities that students receive. Also, the quality of education that institutions in Slovenia offer are far better than the other countries. 


The country offers education in three levels- primary, secondary and tertiary. The students opt for their education levels depending on the program and their background. Also, it is surprising to know that Slovenia is one of the many nations whose citizens competitively opt for tertiary education. These facts are some of the main reasons why receiving education in Slovenia is so popular. 

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Top 5 Universities to Study Abroad in Slovenia

According to popular opinions, the following are the top 5 universities to opt for amongst in Slovenia:

⇒University of Maribor

The University of Maribor is also the biggest and second-largest university in Slovenia, founded in 1975. Around 18000 students worldwide visit this institution every year to complete their bachelor’s and master’s programs. Similarly, the university believes in promoting the Slovenian language and its expansion on international associations. In 2014, it was awarded for the well-being of students from HE institutions. The graduations from UM are recognized for their learning experiences that they gather through learning. 


⇒University of Ljubljana

Founded in 1919, this is one of the oldest universities that exist in Slovenia. Also, as per the latest surveys, it ranks amongst the top 3% of universities globally. The university caters to interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary programs with a wide choice. The student communities here reunite through training in academic, social, cultural, and recreational activities. The university also supports its students with several educational programs. 


⇒International School for Social and Business Studies

Founded in 2016, the International School for Social and Business Studies offer the best in their fields of excellence. This institution gains prominence for its high-quality academics and international vocation in study and research. It is one of those universities that also implements mobility programs through foreign experts, LLS events, and promotional programs. It is also one of Slovenia’s most prominent business schools, which cooperates with more than 30 European Universities. 


⇒Sigmund Freud University Ljubljana

The Sigmund Freud University Ljubljana came into existence in 2005. It is famous for the programs it offers in psychotherapy and psychology. However, most programs here are provided in the Slovenian language rather than in English. The students who become a part of this university are keenly interested in psychotherapy more than psychology. Becoming a part of this university becomes a part of their professional reputation in their future. 


⇒VSR college

Founded in 2007, VSR college is one of the top universities in Slovenia, which provides in-depth knowledge on commerce subjects. This institute helps its students to bring about a change in their careers through their intense trainings and rich practical experiences. Moreover, the college focuses on developing the students’ communication and problem-solving abilities. 

Best Courses to Choose Amongst While Studying in Slovenia

The following are some of the best courses to opt for if you plan to study in Slovenia:

⇒Tourism management

One of the significant reasons to choose tourism management in Slovenia is its increase in revenue. To make it more precise, it is the most flourishing and well-paid industry in Slovenia. Moreover, the students are allowed to explore the broad field of tourism and prove their caliber in their best. Tourism management also enriches entrepreneurial and revenue generation values, essential in today’s fast-changing environment. 

⇒Computer and technology

Slovenia has been promoting and flourishing in the field of AI recently. For the same reasons, they are also encouraging more hands to join in for computer and technology. Also, the number of start-ups doubling each day in Slovenia requires innovative minds and future tech-trendsetters. The University of Maribor offers the best-in-class courses in electrical engineering and computer science.



Slovenia always stands leading in terms of the maths education it provides. The University of Ljubljana has the record created for producing the most renowned mathematicians. Rather than holding a maths degree, your career would be brighter if you are someone who specializes in stellar mathematics programs. Slovenia promotes mathematics as a subject with the most advanced curriculum.

⇒Theatre, Film, and Media


There is always a vast space for theatre, film, and media in Slovenia. One of the primary reasons for this notability is its landscape and the natural background used in movies and theatres. Consequently, the Slovenian Government also offers generous incentives for the employees of this field. Hence if you have the potential, this could be where your future takes a turn.



Slovenia is one of those destinations which has its best to offer in the field of nursing. Doing a three-year program in Slovenia helps you gain experience and expertise, which counts in the future. Similarly, learning the job enables you to choose, work, and specialize in different fields of medicine. Nursing is one of the jobs that offer a balance of theoretical and practical exposure.

Best Scholarships to Grab in Slovenia

Below given are some of the best scholarships to grab in Slovenia:

Public call scholarships

The Public Call Scholarships are offered to support educational needs. These apply to aspirants from Slovenia with a bachelor’s degree in any subject. In return, the students are provided with the monetary aid to complete their bachelor’s degree. Some of the supporting documents needed here are athletic awards, a list of sports achievements, and a motivation letter from the institute.

ECDC Training Fellowship program for International Students

ECDC stands for Europe Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Their fellowship programs promote good health and prevent infectious diseases in two parts- Field Epidemiology and Public health microbiology. The eligibility criteria for this program are that the applicants should be residents of certain countries, trainees in epidemiology and microbiology. They must also be the nationals of member countries of the EU/EEA.

Fully Funded Ph.D. in Computer Science

This scholarship offers an amount of 700 to 1000 $ every month to its applicants. The applicant needs to be a holder of a Degree in Computer Science and be proficient in English and programming. Also, students with a Degree in programming in Computer Science may apply. Carrying a copy of TOEFL and IELTS scores to evaluate the cut-off is also necessary.


The Slovenian Government supports the educational programs and offers the maximum assistance for the same. Moreover, it is a place that provides affordable and accessible transportation, enabling group travel. In addition, the Slovenian culture promotes and considers all professions with equal dignity, which makes one’s professional life in Slovenia better. We Hope you have enjoyed this article. If you need study in Slovenia Consultancy Services or Stuent Visa assistance in Kochi Kerala then kindly contact for more information.

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