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Planning to study in the Netherlands? Also known as Holland, Netherlands is becoming popular as the favorite study overseas destination for Indian Students. As the leading 

Study in Netherlands consultant in Kochi Kerala; we provide expert guidance and ensure proper documentation of your visa application and your visa approval for your chosen institution.

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Why Choose Holland For Your Study Abroad?

Like the Netherlands, Holland offers the best courses to those who plan their study abroad. The best part of doing courses here is that one receives the education worth the fee. However, the two popular kinds of educational institutions here are research universities and universities of applied sciences. Holland also helps the students follow their passion and study in institutions that provide the best of their courses. Most importantly, Holland has some of the best educational organizations which earn recognition worldwide. 

Famous Universities in Holland to Pursue Your Higher Education

The following are some of the famous universities in Holland to pursue your higher education in:


Study in Netherlands consultants in Kochi

University of Twente

The University of Twente offers the best programs for students belonging to European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA). It provides educational programs in the field of science and engineering vastly. It also encourages research learning and interactive learning, with the belief of learning at one’s own pace. The central aspect of the university is that it offers both the quality of research and education to all its students, unbiased. In addition, it also provides the students with basic amenities they require, with an ambiance of homeliness. 

Radboud University

The Radboud University is one of those that follow systems of traditional learning. It is one of those rare institutions that allow students to study, work, and research simultaneously. Consequently, it is one of those colleges in Holland that makes the best use of technology. The sources of communication, research, and study here are endless. With the recognition, ‘the best general university in Holland’ consecutively till date, it is a popular choice made by students.

VU University

The Vrije Universiteit University, better known as VU University, Amsterdam, specializes in educational programs associated with Life Sciences. It aims to promote the sustainability of life, connecting the world for sustainability, and Governance for society. One of the perks of studying at VU University is utilizing the grants and funds for educational purposes. The university aims to promote ‘academic integrity, give the students timely updates in the field of their study, and promote research. 

Webster University

Being the oldest non-profitable university that offers quality education to its students sets Webster University apart from the rest. It is also one of the most notable universities that the Higher Learning Commission approved. Established in 1915, the main campus of this university is Webster Groves. The university comprises five schools of learning, including business and technology, arts and science, education and communication, and fine arts. Most alumni here are now celebrities who earn worldwide recognition.

Best Courses to Opt For While Studying in Holland:


Though it may sound strange, dentistry is one of the most well-off jobs to do in Holland. It holds scope to both works independently or as a part of a reputed organization with a permit. The permit mentioning that the person is a part of EU countries adds to the credibility of the course. The best courses that one may opt for in dentistry in Holland are Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), Doctor of Dental Surgeon (DDS), and Doctor of Medicine (DM).

Mechanical Engineering

The Netherlands is known for the large number of applicants who opt for mechanical engineering as their subject. The country also nurtures the growth of engineers, which is the second most popular profession in demand. According to the talent global bureau, engineers are highly in demand across the country, irrespective of specialization.


Theologists are the second most well-off category in terms of the salary that they receive in Holland. Apart from studying religion, their profession is all about understanding the laws behind faiths and the right way to practice them. It is indeed a career-guaranteed stream of study. People who opt for theology later take up the roles of business advisors and political journalism.


The need for teaching staff in Holland schools and colleges is always endless. Also, it is hard to take up teaching since one nearly achieves the requisite experience by their age of retirement. On the whole, it is one of the safest and most decent jobs of all time.

Notaria Law Degree

Notaries are legal professions that professionals mostly do for who the Government issues a license. Being amongst the best-paid jobs, they assist in all legal activities, from documentation to administration.

Scholarships for International Students in Holland

The following are some of the best scholarships available in Holland:

University of Twente Scholarships

This scholarship applies to students at EU and EEA who apply for MSc in various subjects. It offers three types of Honors- Research Honors, Design Honors, and Change Leaders. For two-year programs in UTS, students are usually eligible to receive a second scholarship which covers $3000 to 25000 every year. The request for this scholarship takes eight weeks to get approval. You may also need a score of 6.5 and above in TOEFL.

Leiden University of Excellence Scholarships

Students who apply for these scholarships must be pursuing their masters in certain subjects. These include humanities, Archaeology, Medicine, Law, Social and Behaviour sciences, and Global Affairs. The scholarship amount adds up to $15000 annually. The applications for these scholarships are submitted before February 1 every year. The applicants must hold a non- EEA or non-EEFTA passport to be eligible for these scholarships.

Erasmus University Holland Scholarships

Students who apply for Erasmus University Holland Scholarships must be a holder of non-EEA and should be able to pay their fee. Similarly, the applicant should be certified as an excellent student by the faculty. He/ she can either be pursuing their bachelors/masters in subjects of their preference. Ultimately, the faculty fix the scholarship amount and adds up to either $5000-15000 as decided by the faculty.

Netheralands Embassy in India :

Address: 6/50 F Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi District,
Pin code: Delhi 110021
Phone: 91 11 2419 7600

Conclusion: Holland is always the home for the best higher education ever since it has supported the same. Also, it is a country that values every penny spent on learning. Also, it provides a wide array of language-oriented programs too to those who are interested. Ultimately, the institutions help their students to settle with their dream careers on a long-term basis. As the top Netherlands education consultants in Kochi, Edabroad can assist you in getting a Study visa for Holland to study in your favorite institution.

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