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There is an acute shortage of nurses worldwide, especially in developed countries like the UK, Germany, Belgium, France, etc., and Malta is no exception. Malta requires thousands of nurses in various health settings, including big hospitals and community healthcare setups. If you are a qualified nurse looking for Malta nursing jobs, Malta, Nurses recruitment Agencies in Kerala can help you to find your dream nursing job in Malta.

Nursing Jobs in Malta

Nursing is a satisfying profession that offers an existing and rewarding career in this island country. As the land belongs to the European Union, a nursing career in Malta easily opens the doors to other European countries. Whether you are a qualified nurse or a nursing assistant looking for a home care or care assistant job, Malta is an excellent option for nursing jobs. The Nursing Jobs in Malta provide Indian nurses an opportunity to learn the international healthcare experience and the exposure to European healthcare settings. Nurses also get a chance to work with foreign nurses, and this exposure will be an asset to the nurses for their future career prospects across the globe.

Nursing Jobs in Malta for Indians

Malta welcomes nurses from India due to their knowledge and dedication to the nursing field. Most of the nurses working in Malta are from Kerala state. The professional commitment and knowledge of the English language of Indian nurses are the main factors that attract Malta Hospitals and nursing homes to recruit Indian nurses.

Malta Nurses Recruitment Process

Malta Nurse’s recruitment process involves several steps.

Step-1. The first step is to find a Malta Nurses recruitment agency in Kerala. Then get information about the vacancies, job requirements, interview process, and salary package. Your application for Malta Nursing Job should include your work experience, department, and the procedures you have handled. You must also submit your nursing certificate and nursing registration in India.

Step -2. If you are suitable for the job, the Malta Job agency in Kochi will arrange the interview with the Malta employer online or offline at their convenience. If the employer finds you suitable for their job, they will provide a job offer with the job contract details, including salary package, nature of employment, hours of duty, etc.

Step -3. Once you get the job offer, you can contact the Kerala agency for other procedures like the Visa process. Usually, all Kerala agencies recruiting nurses to Malta help nurses with visa documentation, Attestation, Travel Insurance, and Kochi to Malta Air tickets.

Staff Nurse Vacancy in Malta 

Malta currently needs more qualified nursing professionals. To fill the staff nurse vacancies, Malta Hospitals and nursing homes contact nursing recruitment agencies in Kerala and advertise on various media. Usually, hospitals recruit registered staff nurses, while nursing homes and care homes recruit nursing assistants as care workers.

Nursing Assistant Jobs in Malta

Nursing assistant jobs in Malta provide an excellent opportunity for ANM and other Auxiliary nursing staff to work in a European country.

Nurse assistant roles include assisting staff nurses and other health care staff in hospitals, nursing homes, care homes, and community health care centers.

The role of nursing assistants also includes providing primary health care to the patients, bed changing, dressing, providing support to patients and administering medication, etc. Nursing assistants are also employed as care home workers in nursing homes or senior care centers. 


How to Apply for Nursing Assistant Jobs in Malta?

To apply for the nursing assistant job in Malta, the applicant should have completed the nursing care course/ANM or any other Auxiliary nursing course /should have experience in a hospital/nursing home providing nursing aid jobs.

Nursing Jobs in Malta can be challenging, but it is enriching as it provides an opportunity to work and settle in a European country with family and look for opportunities in other European countries like France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, etc.

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Requirements for Indian Nurses to Work in Malta

The General requirements for Indian nurses to work in Malta are below.

  • Nurses should have a Diploma in Nursing or BSc Nursing Degree
  • Should have a minimum score of IELTS 5.5 and above
  • Nurses must have one year of experience
  • Should be registered with the Nursing council in India.
Vacancies for Nurses in Malta

Like other European countries, Malta also needs more nursing staff. Many hospitals and nursing homes regularly recruit nurses from India, the Philippines, and other Non-EU countries to fill their vacant nursing posts. If you want to know the details about the Malta vacancy for nurses, you can search online or contact Malta hospitals directly. If you are living in Kochi, Thrissur, Kottayam, Trivandrum, Ernakulam, or other cities in Kerala, you can contact any Malta Nurses Recruiting agencies in Kerala for details.

Documents Required for Visa

  • Original passport with minimum nine months validity
  • Offer letter from a Malta hospital/ Employer with details
  • GNM/BSc Nursing Certificates and Transcripts
  • IELTS Certificate
  • Medical Fitness
  • Experience Certificate.

Malta Visa Process for Nurses

Indian nurses need a job offer to apply for a Malta visa. To apply for the visa, they can contact the VFS Global center in their city and submit the required documents through them. For more information about Malta Visa Application from India, Check VFS Malta Visa Application Kerala 

Nurse’s Salary in Malta
The average salary of registered Nurses in Malta in 2023 is between $51,300 and $65,380. The pay varies between experience, department, and place of posting, like Hospitals, Nursing homes, and care centers.

What are the Benefits of Working as a Nurse in Malta?

Malta is among the best countries for Indian nurses looking for a career overseas, especially in Europe. Malta offers several benefits to international nurses. Below are some of them. For other jobs in Malta, Check Malta Vacancies.


  • Social Security benefits
  • Medical benefits
  • Child care benefits
  • Low-income tax slab
  • Low cost of living
  • Reasonable rental and transportation costs
  • Safe country
  • Easy access to other European countries.   Also Read: Malta Student Visa 

Role of Malta Nurses Recruitment Agencies in Kerala

Malta Nurses Recruitment Agencies in Kerala can help nurses interested in Malta nursing jobs in many ways. They provide information about the details of nursing vacancies in Malta, Salary, and requirements for the job like qualification, experience, department details, etc. Malta Nurse Recruitment Agencies in Kochi also help nurses apply for Malta visas through the VFS visa center in Kochi and arrange flight tickets to Malta from Kochi Airport.

Malta Highcommission in India: Official Website
VFS Centre in Kochi for Malta Visa Application. Website

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